HALO Treatment Now Available at The Nova International

Dubai, October 4th – The Nova Clinic by Aesthetics has announced yet another promising treatment that helps to effectively treat signs of aging and help people have youthful skin, free from wrinkles, discoloration, and sun damage.

HALO, a laser treatment, uses hybrid technology to eliminate damage and signs of aging from the skin, helping it to retain its lost glow and sheen. The laser technology used in this treatment triggers the natural healing response of the body, which, in turn, helps to unleash its luminous glow that’s hidden beneath the layers of sun damage and aging signs.

It is a customized treatment that can be tailored to meet every patient’s individual needs, taking into account their lifestyle. Depending on their requirements and work routine, they can get a light or intense treatment. The light treatment requires minimum downtime, while the intense treatment may take a few extra days before they can head back to their work.

HALO is known to produce great results with minimal downtime. It combines epidermal renewal and deep dermal revitalization, and the result is a synergetic effect that produces effective results immediately.

As it is a customized treatment, one can get a different number of sessions, based on their requirements and schedules. It is a fairly painless process. However, clinicians usually place a topical anesthetic on the patient’s skin to ensure they do not feel any discomfort or sensations during this process. The outcome of this treatment includes an overall improvement in the skin, as fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, discoloration is significantly removed, and there’s an enhanced skin reflectivity and glow.

This treatment is available for a limited time (from 1st October to 15th October) at The Nova Clinic.

About The Nova Clinic

The Nova Clinic is a leading cosmetic and plastic surgery center in Dubai. Led by Dr. Jaffer Khan, the team of doctors and aesthetic experts at this facility include some of the most renowned and experienced names in the industry. Apart from invasive procedures, a range of non-invasive skin treatments and facials are also available at The Nova Clinic.

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