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SlowDentistry®, where we make sure everything is done according to the international gold standards:

  • We apply the correct disinfection protocol of the treatment room and sterilisation of instruments.
  • We respect the right time needed for the anaesthetic to work to have a pain free treatment.
  • We explain the risks and rewards of each procedure to have a real consent from the patient.
  • We follow the gold standard protocols such as using a rubber dam, when indicated, to isolate the tooth that is being treated for fillings and root canal therapy.
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Working with state of the art technology, the best doctors, laboratories and treatment methods, from 3D X-Ray to digital smile design, at NOVA Clinic, we embrace the future by practising the best dentistry available.

NOVA Clinic dental department works under Dr Miguel Stanley’s philosophies:

NoHalfSmiles®, where we use the latest technology available; combine as many procedures in the least amount of time and focus exclusively on our patient’s happiness.

Oral Health Screening

At the Nova Clinic, your dentist will review your oral health history, which will cover aspects such as your previous oral problems, diet and nutrition, dental visit history, medical conditions and fluoride intake. After this, a physical examination of your mouth will be performed, including lips, tongue, teeth, gums and all other tissues. This appointment will be complemented with a radiographic examination.

General Paediatric Dentistry

In this appointment, the dental department at Nova Clinic will assure that all children, from birth to adolescence, receive high-quality oral care. Focusing on prevention and education, we will guide your child´s dental development so that they reach adulthood with a functional, aesthetic and pain free dentition.

White Aesthetics fillings

Fillings are commonly used for restoring the structure of a decayed tooth but they can also be used to close a small gap between teeth (diastema) or making small modifications on your teeth shape or restoring small fractures. At Nova Clinic, we use white fillings because they are coloured to match your natural teeth. The material used is called composite which is a very strong and has extremely high durability. With these fillings, you will continue to have a white and bright smile.

To place a white filling, we use a rubber dam for the correct isolation of the tooth, and, if necessary, an anaesthetic is applied. After this, we prepare the cavity, place the composite material in layers, polish and check the final occlusion using T-scan®, a digital equipment that allows the visualisation of the contact points between the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, as well as the force produced during the bite.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are custom-made single (crowns) or multiple (bridges) structures that are bond to existing teeth or implants to restore function and appearance. At Nova, your crowns and/or bridges are made of ceramic which allows high strength and outstanding aesthetics.
First, for a correct isolation of the teeth, a rubber dam is placed and the teeth will be prepared with sterilised burs. The treatment is performed under the effect of articaine hydrochloride + epinephrine anesthetics. For the impressions, we will use one of the most advanced intra oral scanner in the market. The 3 shape intra oral scanner allows the performance of dental impressions in digital form and with great precision, putting aside the conventional techniques for obtaining the same impressions, whose materials sometimes cause some discomfort to the patients.
After impressions are taken, the bite and colour are registered.
All this information will be sent to a world leader ceramist in our top laboratory where the crowns will be manufactured. The crowns are usually returned to our clinic in one week. During that week, you will be with temporary crowns for comfort and aesthetic purposes; the provisional crowns are made of Microhibrid/ Nanoparticulated resin, Structur 3 from VOCO. The permanent crowns are in EMAX ceramic, from Ivoclar, and are cemented using a resin base cement.

Your occlusion will then be checked and confirmed using the T-scan®, a digital equipment that allows the visualisation of the contact points between the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, as well as the force produced during the bite.

Dental Implants

An implant is a strong and steady part, generally constituted in titanium or ceramic, that replaces the root of one or more lost teeth. Finished the procedure, the implant stays with the appearance and function of the normal tooth. The implant will also allow to preserve and to stimulate the bone, avoiding the bone loss that tends to occur when you lose your natural tooth. It also helps by increasing the comfort in chewing and speaking.
Dr Miguel Stanley is a trained implant surgeon and cosmetic dentist that graduated in 1998 and has become a world renowned key opinion leader in Implant and Cosmetic field.

Root canal treatments/endodontics
Endodontics is a special field in Dentistry directed to preservation, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp. At Nova, we will do everything we can to try to preserve your natural teeth if it is possible. The dentist will open your tooth to gain access to the dental pulp. The treatment is performed under the effect of articaine hydrochloride + epinephrine anesthetic and a rubber dam is also placed for the correct isolation of the tooth.. After cleaning, the canals will be filled and sealed.

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery is the specialty responsible for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of problems related to the mouth and attached structures (head and neck). These surgical procedures have the aim not only to make aesthetic corrections but mainly to restore functions such as chewing or swallowing.
The most frequent procedures in oral surgery range from the simplest, such as simple extraction of teeth, to more complex treatments, such as the removal of cysts or sinus lift procedure. An example of a type of lesion is cavitation (Neuralgia inducing cavitational osteonecrosis).
They can form after the removal of any teeth and are developed as a combination of very invasive surgery, usually while removing the wisdom teeth with a lack of nutrients due to the wrong diet and massive deficiencies in certain crucial nutrients like for example Vitamin D3, magnesium, zinc and other cofactors necessary for bone building.
At Nova Clinic, we also use the most innovative technologies to complement our procedures.

Oral Hygiene

This procedure has a minimum duration of 1 hour where we will follow the most recent international protocol: The guided biofilm therapy. In this protocol, we will follow an 8-step where it will be removed biofilm and calculus with the manual and ultra-sonic instrument as well as all stains. We will also apply fluoride varnish and give you all the necessary post-treatment recommendations.


Dental veneers like “the contact lens veneers” are permanent thin layers of tooth-colored cemented to the anterior surfaces of your natural teeth. This treatment is usually performed to improve the colour, shape or even the position of your teeth and zero to very little preparation of the tooth is needed.

With this procedure, we will save as much natural tooth structure as we can while providing the desired aesthetics and functional requirements. At Nova, we work with world top ceramists to provide you the best aesthetic outcome of your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Phillips Zoom WhiteSpeed is a dental whitening device that delivers maximum results. We have been working with this technology for over a decade. It can whiten teeth up to 6 shades in less than 1 hour, using the most advanced LED light technology with different intensity settings.  At the Nova Clinic, we follow the Philips zoom ultimate protocol: We start with the in-practice WhiteSpeed chairside whitening and before you leave our office, you will receive customised whitening trays and take home NiteWhite kit to produce maximum whitening results.


Invisalign technology helps you get the smile you always dreamt of in a discreet way. And it is not just for adults anymore! With Invisalign removable and near- invisible aligners there’s no more restrictions when eating or playing the sport you love.

With this innovative system, you can correct mild to complex teeth straightening issues such as open bite, deep bite, cross bite, gapped and overly crowded teeth. The trays are custom-made to move your teeth little by little, efficiently, gently and accurately. At Nova, we have professional with more than 15 years of Invisalign experience.

Digital Smile Design

The digital smile design is revolutionising Dentistry. This is a multipurpose conceptual protocol, using the latest technology, which will allow the patient to see in their mouth the final smile of the proposed plan, before even starting the treatment.  We will design the ideal smile for you, according to your face features, personality, desires and expectations. Get in touch for your Digital Smile Design Consultation!

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