Dr. Virginia Midrigan

Dr. Virginia Midrigan

Dr. Virginia Midrigan is Specialist in Gynecology and Aesthetic/Cosmetic Gynecology with 18 years of experience. She received her license degree of Doctor in Medicine from La Sapienza University from Rome, Italy.

Dr. Virginia is specializes in:

– Non-Surgical Aesthetic Gynecology and Genital Rejuvenation by Radio Frequency, Laser, PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma, softHyaluronic Acid fillers for complex feminine rejuvenation and Anti -Aging

– Non-surgical treatment for urinary incontinence and prolapse management by RF, Laser and use of PRP-Geltherapy

– Modern minimally-invasive methods of early detection of cervical cancer, PAP smear, Colposcopy and treatment of cervical erosion and another pathology with the last innovative radio-wave technology “Surgitron”

– Family planning counseling, premarital and antenatal screening, contraception advice, IUD insertion and removal

– Treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, STD-sexually transmitted diseases, bladder infections

– Management of hormonal disorders at all ages and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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