All About NAD Therapy for Long COVID

As you age, amnesia, foggy brain, weakness, and fatigue are the most common ailments you’ll encounter. That’s a natural breakdown that no human being can escape. While proteins and vitamin capsules are our go-to options, none of it can beat the power of NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide).

What is Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD)?

For the uninitiated, NAD is one of the most vital nutrients in the body to survive. Its primary role is to transfer energy from one cell of the body to the other. In simpler words, it works similarly to how we convert energy from food into cellular energy. NAD is also responsible for keeping our metabolism healthy and maintaining our circadian rhythms. 

When we’re young, there’s ample production of NAD in our bodies, but the production keeps declining as we age. As a result, the energy of both the body and mind start dropping. And that’s where NAD Infusion Therapy steps in. It’s a treatment to inject NAD cells into your body when you’re unable to produce them.

Many older adults prefer supplementing NAD to restore their youthfulness with an IV infusion. Although gulping the NAD supplement is more beneficial, IV infusions bypass the digestive tract and get directly to the bloodstream. Since every candidate has different medical experiences, our suggestions always bend towards seeking expert advice. 

Recently, there’s been a discussion about the significance of NAD therapy for long COVID. Let’s learn more about it in the guide below:

Significance of NAD Therapy for Long COVID

Patients of long COVID experience fatigue, loss of energy, and the inability to run errands due to joint pain. NAD therapy works wonderfully by restoring lost energy levels and combating oxidative stress. What’s more? Let’s find out.

1. Nourish the Immune System 

Many candidates have already turned to NAD therapy for long COVID to boost their immune systems and support their overall well-being.

By regulating the inflammatory response in immune cells, NAD therapy strengthens your core. As a result, you’ll feel light-weighted and energised from within. In addition, the element keeps you hydrated as it contains vitamins and minerals.

2. Enhance Neurological Function 

After a tiresome journey of beating COVID-19, it’s common to go through mental trauma. In these cases, NAD therapy can help treat the disturbed mental state of the patient and replace it with energy and vitality.

The process works by energising the brain cells and instantly helping them recover from fatigue. The immediate boost in your brain function from NAD therapy can prepare you to battle chronic mental struggles like mood swings and anxiety.

As one of the unpleasant signs of post-covid trauma is the loss of cognitive function, NAD therapy for long COVID replaces the coenzyme needed to restrict the decline.

3. Improves Cellular Functioning

The aftermath episodes of physical weakness are one of the most terrible factors of post-COVID. But NAD therapy takes care of this part as well. As it strongly emphasises cellular function, it can boost every process that helps fasten the patient’s recovery. Moreover, NAD infusions also help detox and cleanse your body.

4. Helps Combating Post-COVID Symptoms 

As mentioned earlier, our bodies stop producing enough NAD as we age. However, NAD therapy and IV infusions are jam-packed with naturally-restorative components to get your body on track.

When Coronavirus attacks our bodies, the cellular defence comes forward to protect our bodies. NAD therapy for long COVID facilitates the body’s reparative and restorative NAD processes, which in turn helps fight post-covid symptoms.

5. Make you Physically Stronger

NAD therapy is often known as a “helper molecule” because it binds with enzymes and makes them better at work. The functions of your cells make a huge impact on your overall health.

Here’s a queue of all the physical benefits of NAD therapy for long COVID:

  • Boosts cardiovascular health. 
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Skyrocket the energy levels.
  • Boost metabolism
  • Sharpens eyesight and hearing power.
  • Slows down the ageing process. 

What Happens During NAD Therapy?

During the NAD therapy session, the doctor will impose a high dose of the coenzyme compound into your bloodstream through an intravenous (IV) drip. While there’s also an option for gulping the substance, this method allows NAD to bypass your stomach. As an outcome, the NAD molecules are broken down rather than travelling directly to the tissues of your body.

The frequency of NAD therapy depends on the underlying medical condition of the candidate. In the case of preparing NAD therapy for long COVID, you can expect the process to be identical for everyone.

The Takeaway 

Post-covid symptoms are harsher than you think. Since you’ve just beaten a life-threatening disease, it’s time to seek professional help to preserve your health. And that’s where NAD therapy for long COVID will help you out.
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