In the Press

In The Press

The Nova Clinic is internationally recognized by the press for its expertise with cosmetic treatments, wellness programs and overall health services. Following are some of the excerpts of the Nova Clinic being featured in the local and international media.

Emirates Woman

Considering shaving your face? Dubai-based experts reveal what you need to know

Vogue Arabia

How You Got Your Glow?

Vogue Arabia

Skincare Experts Reveals Seceret

Vogue Arabia

The Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments Post Lockdown

Grazia Middle East

Life After Lockdown

Cosmopolitan Middle East

The coolest plastic surgeon in Dubai

Vogue Arabia

Time to Perfect Your Skincare Routine

Vogue Arabia

Achieve Glowing Skin

Cosmopolitan Middle East

Our first beauty podcast is here!


Face Art Is The New Non-Surgical Beauty Treatment

Cosmopolitan Middle East

Real Talk: What Is Face Art And Should I Have It? Face Art by Dr Jaffer Khan


Plastic Surgery Dos And Don’ts: How To Not Get Botched!

Cosmopolitan Middle East

Botched Plastic Surgeon Paul Nassif Talks Face Filters And Surgery Trends In The Region

Dr Paul Nassif interview with

Vogue Arabia

Everything You Need To Know Before Your Cosmetic Surgery. by Dr Paul Nassif

Harper's BAZAAR Arabia

Watch | We Took Our Mum To Try Our Favourite Pro-Facial And This Is What Happened

Grazia Middle East

50 Shades of white: The Truth About Teeth Whitening - Grazia Features Editor Olivia Adams visits Nova Clinic in Dubai

Savoir Flair

Savoir Flair Editors Get Real About Anti-Aging Facials in Dubai. Atoxelene Oxygen Facial Reviewed by Frankie Rozwadowska

The National

TV doc to ensure no one gets ‘Botched’ in Dubai. Dr Paul Nassif will soon be performing surgery in the emirate.

Grazia Middle East

Is This The Most Rock'n'Roll Dentist in Dubai


Say Goodbye To Sun Damage With This Pain Free Facial

Vogue Arabia

How Do You Get Rid of Fillers Anyway?

Vogue Arabia

Pulling the Right Strings

Harper's Bazaar

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

Vogue Arabia

The Effective New Way to Plump Your Lips With Natural Results

Women's Health

Forever young works, creating a glow and removing sun spots.

Women's Health

Dr. Miguel Stanley, the first step is to book a consultation to design your new smile.

Men's Health

There are two main things to know about the new Forever Young BBL treatment at Nova Clinic: first, it hurts; and second, it works.

Emirates Woman - Dr. Mendieta Interview

Is designer derriere is all you desire?

Emirates Woman - Dr. Khan Interview

We speak to the UAE's top health and beauty gurus.

Savoir Flair’s - Best Facials in Dubai

..تقدم عيادة NOVA من Aesthetics عالج

The Hollywood Facial

Is this new laser therapy at Nova Clinic the secret to perfect skin?

Saving Face: Savoir Flair’s Guide

Savoir Flair’s Guide to the Best Facials in Dubai