Buccal Fat Removal – A Revolutionary Treatment for an Enhanced Appearance

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed a recent rise in the number of influencers and celebrities with jawlines that are so sharp they could cut a turkey and sky-high cheekbones. And you’re not alone if you’ve browsed through their Instagram comments only to see a lot of “it’s just contour:)” and believe it appears a touch more permanent than cosmetics. These comments were full of praises and inquiries regarding their new appearances, while you dive down to figure out how they have truly been able to achieve it.

The secret behind these slimmer and fat-free faces is the revolutionary Buccal Fat Removal surgical procedure. Due to this effective fat elimination procedure, celebrities and influencers have opted for this treatment to achieve defined cheek hollows and be a part of this emerging trend.

Here is a deeper look at this emerging Buccal Fat Removal treatment in detail:

Everything You Need to Know about Buccal Fat Removal 

What Does the Procedure Involve?

The procedure for Buccal Fat Removal is quite straightforward. While it was traditionally used in collaboration with other facial procedures, now one can get it as a ‘solo’ treatment.

Designed for clients looking for a greater definition of their fatty, round, or baby-like face, it’s fairly simple and quick. Following anesthesia, a mouth-to-cheek incision is done, and the buccal fat pads are manually found. The surgeon will next feel around for the buccal pads, which merely resemble little globs of fat, and pop them out of your face. The process completes within 30 minutes, and there is no visible scarring after the swelling has subsided in around two weeks.

Following the treatment, surgeons recommend the use of an anti-infection mouthwash and focusing on a liquid diet for approximately a week. You can return to your regular activities on the following day, with no downtime and quick results that emerge once the swelling subsides.

What are the Benefits of Buccal Fat Removal Treatment?

Buccal fat removal promises to give you the perfectly contoured cheeks, for a sleek facial look, quite similar to the celebrities of today’s age.

Along with that, it provides other benefits too, including:

  • Reduction of chipmunk-like excessive cheek fulness
  • Create a lower face contour that is slim and v-shaped.
  • It accentuates your high cheekbones
  • Improves cheek and jawline definition
  • Obtains a more balanced face contour overall.

Moreover, clients are optimistic about the procedure mainly because it’s frequently performed in-office under local anaesthetic, and all incisions are made inside the mouth, with no visible scarring on the face.

Do You Make the Perfect Candidate?

Surgical experts suggest that younger patients in their 20s to 40s with round, full or chubby cheeks, with balanced appearances are suitable for this treatment. Moreover, good physical health and non-smokers can round to become the best candidates with promising results and reduced downtime.

Furthermore, if you do not have the natural excessive fullness, you might not be the right person for the treatment. This is especially the case when the aging effects start to show up, the face automatically grows thin. And if you lack facial fullness, so aging can make your face look caved in, and take you away from aesthetic goals, instead of bringing them closer to them.

However, it is equally important for the client to opt for facial consultation prior to the treatment. These one-to-one sessions are tailor-made and best suited for the individual’s decision. An in-depth consultation allows them to discuss their skin type and also estimate how the results are going to fade out or transition with the aging effect. Hence, consultation remains a prerequisite for pulling off a successful Buccal Fat Removal surgery.

What to Expect During the Recovery Period?

After the Buccal Fat Removal treatment completes, one may witness mild to moderate edema, which may be controlled with painkillers. After the surgery, it is best advised to avoid driving home. While one may still be awake, it is best to ask someone to drive as you will still be feeling the effects of the anesthesia.

The majority of people are able to return to work the next day without any downtime, but only if the job isn’t very physically demanding. Within a week, you can resume all daily activities.

Moreover, it takes a week for the swelling to subside, during which, one may continue to use ice packs. And it can take up to 3 months to showcase complete results!

A Final Word

Buccal Fat Removal continues to deliver fascinating results. In a world, where people are moving towards achieving aesthetic goals, it truly remains a breakthrough treatment, with quick results and reduced downtime. Just what any client may want!However, make sure to get prior consultation from The Nova Clinic, for adamant results, lowering the possibilities of risk and enhancing the desired outcomes. So that once the treatment completes, you walk out with confidence and escalated self-esteem as you set off to achieve your goals.