Eyelid Surgery: Unmasking The Myths and Misconceptions Involved

Eyes are one of the most significant facial features that communicate with the world in a silent yet fierce language. However, puffiness and droopy eyelids act as an obstacle. The hollowness and sadness resulting from the aging process reside within the eyes, stealing the aesthetic appeal of your face.

To ease the trauma of the aging process, advancements in the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry have devised a solution, a.k.a. eyelid surgery. Understanding the aesthetic relationship of adequate proportion between eyelids, eyebrows, forehead, orbit, and midface is the core element of delivering an excellent service.

In Dubai, the emerging cosmetic and plastic hub of the world, professionals acknowledge this important element of eyelid surgery. It assists them to restore the youthfulness of your eyes efficiently and offers a refreshed appearance to tired-looking eyes. 

What Is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery in which the surgeon removes extra skin, muscle, and occasionally fat that are causing the area around your eyes to sag. It is an effective treatment for resolving numerous eyelid aging aspects. For instance, the absence of skin elasticity leads to the collection of excessive skin on the upper and lower eyelids. As a result, eye wrinkles and bulges surface.

Other than making you look old, these unfavorable outcomes adversely impact your eyesight, blurring your vision. To address all these issues, visiting an excellent Dubai eyelid surgery clinic is the right solution for you.

However, some myths and misconceptions concerning blepharoplasty beguile you and draw you one step away from this treatment. Yet here we are, ready to debunk them!  

Myth #1: Chronic dry eye is a common side effect.

It is not entirely true. This condition manifests itself when an inexperienced practitioner overcorrects and removes excess skin. The risk of developing a chronic dry eye after eyelid surgery is minimized if you opt for an experienced and certified plastic surgeon to perform the treatment. They will, at first, determine how much skin needs to be removed in order to support the normal functioning and health of your eye.

Myth #2: Eyelid surgery causes visible scars

Again, this is not true. Patients will have a hard time locating their scars if they choose the right surgeon for the job. It is because a competent facial surgeon utilizes techniques that hide incisions impressively. For instance, the surgeon will make an incision within the natural folds for treating the upper eyelid.

For lower blepharoplasty, the doctor will make an incision in the lash line if removing the skin is the key requirement; otherwise, incision takes place within the eyelid. Hence, scarring is not perceivable.

Myth #3: Eyelid surgery eliminates dark circles under the eye

Eyelid surgery may lighten the appearance of some but not all dark circles. The final result depends on the main cause of the dark circles. Generally, vascular problems, allergies, sun exposure, eye strain, and other facts can result in dark circles. For these dark circles, blepharoplasty might not be effective. Laser skin resurfacing treatment can be used as an alternative to treat them.

However, dark circles caused by displaced fat deposits causing hollowness can be treated with eyelid surgery as this procedure involves the repositioning of fat.

Myth #4: Eyelid surgery can treat crow’s feet

Crow’s feet are fine lines that develop at the corners of the eyes. These lines cannot be treated by this procedure as squinting, and repeated muscle movements are the main cause of their appearance. To treat this issue, Botox cosmetic injections are a favorable solution for reducing crow’s feet.

Myth #5: Eyelid surgery is permanent.

The long-lasting results depend highly on the patient and other factors such as skin elasticity, weight fluctuations, and genetics. The reason lies in the fact that it does not stop the aging process. Hence, repetitive surgeries are required for obtaining long-lasting outcomes.

Myth #6: People who have Blepharoplasty are in vain

Blepharoplasty can bridge the gap between how a person looks and feels. To illustrate, an individual would be living a longer and healthier life, but there is a disconnection between their tired appearance and their energetic spirits. Moreover, eyelid surgery can treat dysfunctions such as improving eyesight by removing the obstruction.

Book An Appointment For Blepharoplasty

Eyelid surgery is a quick and effective way of rejuvenating and brightening up your facial appearance. Need more convincing? Reach out to the best plastic surgeon in Dubai at The Nova Clinic to eliminate all the ambiguities. 

An initial consultation session will address all your queries as well as navigate you in the right direction. The professional will access your well-being and medical health and share all the details of the procedure. It will help your picture the results more precisely.