VelaShape 3: A Non-surgical Process to Achieve Perfect Body Goals

Achieving a perfect body figure is a dream of many. And it certainly is a big accomplishment when you get one step closer to your desired body goal. However, not everyone can enjoy this accomplishment due to the stubborn fat in their body.

No matter how hard you work out in the gym, it refuses to budge. Diet control and lifestyle changes also do not help in this pursuit. But, there’s still one thing that can help you achieve the ideal figure you have been aiming for. We are talking about VelaShape. It is an advanced treatment aimed at removing stubborn fat from the body and reducing cellulite appearance.

VelaShape 3 to the Rescue for the Perfect Body Goal

One of the most popular body contouring treatments, VelaShape 3 uses a combination of different techniques to help patients achieve their fitness goals. It is an FDA-approved, non-surgical procedure that works on different parts of the body. It is the only treatment that features the combination of Elōs with vacuum and tissue manipulation. The outcome is reduced appearance and volume of fat tissues in the target areas.

Is VelaShape 3 Suitable for Me?

If you have cellulite levels 1 and 2 or BMI under 30, you are an ideal candidate for VelaShape 3. As it is approved by the FDA, it is generally considered safe. However, experts at The Nova Clinic conduct an initial consultation session with the patient to study their medical history and make necessary assessments to ensure they are the right candidate for this treatment.

The Science Behind VelaShape 3

Since VelaShape 3 helps people get in shape, many people term it a weight-loss treatment, which it isn’t. It is basically a body contouring treatment which uses the power of Elōs technology. The treatment combines infrared, bipolar radiofrequency, and vacuum to heat the tissue in the target areas.

Since the machine heats tissues up to 3 mm and 15 mm in-depth, the surrounding connective tissues, underlying dermal collagen fibers, and fat cells also get heated. Meanwhile, vacuum technology stimulates the growth of new elastin and collagen. This not only results in a contoured body but improves the structure and texture of the skin as well.

Benefits of VelaShape 3

Non-surgical Treatment

Earlier, people with stubborn fat had no other option but to go under the knife to get rid of the fat. However, now, with the advancement in the cosmetic industry, optimal results can be achieved with the help of non-surgical procedures, such as VelaShape. Of course, surgical body contouring procedures still continue to reign in the industry, but non-surgical treatments are rapidly climbing the charts of popularity as well.

No Downtime

There’s no downtime associated with VelaShape 3. This means you are free to continue your routine activities after leaving the clinic. You may notice a slight change in the skin color in the target areas. Do not worry about it, as it will return to its original shade in an hour or so. The change in your skin color shouldn’t restrict you from carrying out your routine activities.

Having said that, you must avoid strenuous physical activities for a few days. This advice is recommended to follow so that the lymphatic system metabolize the fats easily.

Little or No Discomfort

VelaShape 3 causes no pain or discomfort to the patient. Since it’s a non-invasive procedure, it doesn’t require the application of anesthesia as well. As stated above, the skin may change its shade post-treatment, but little to no discomfort is caused, making it a very comfortable procedure.

Quick Treatment

When you think of visiting the hospital for a body contouring treatment, you’d imagine spending at least a day there. With VelaShape 3, you will be amazed to know that the entire procedure is over in less than half an hour. This, of course, depends on the number of areas treated. However, still, it wouldn’t take a long time, even if you are getting multiple areas treated with VelaShape 3.

Lasting Results

The results of VelaShape 3 are not permanent, but they can last for a good 6 to 8 months. After this period, you will need to get follow-up treatments. Having said that, a healthy lifestyle and eating habits are paramount to achieving optimal results and maintaining them.

What About Side Effects of VelaShape 3?

VelaShape 3 is a low-risk procedure. Hence, there is a minimum chance of suffering from its side effects, which usually include redness and bruising. In rare cases, the patient may feel burning sensations as well. Among these side effects, bruising is the most common one. It lasts for a few days and heals on its own.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, VelaShape is a revolutionary treatment that can do wonders for your body. You will feel more confident about your appearance after getting VelaShape 3. The results, even though will fully appear after a few weeks, there will be noticeable improvements immediately after the treatment.

So, if you want to get rid of excess fat without getting surgery, book your appointment for VelaShape 3 at The Nova Clinic.