9 Surprising Facts About Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgeries are on the upswing as they play a critical role in improving an individual’s appearance. Apart from this, they also improve the quality of life, as people feel more empowered to take confident strides towards their careers. Furthermore, many people get these surgeries to correct a body impairment.

Although it took years for people to accept the influence of cosmetic surgeries, it was not always under the critical eye. Interesting history and fun facts of the cosmetic surgery industry exist that not many are aware of.

On this note, let’s have a look at the ten surprising facts about cosmetic surgeries that will leave you dazzled!

1.  Egyptians Had A Weird Obsession With Afterlife!

The origins of cosmetic surgeries extend back to the lost basements of the gigantic pyramids of Egypt. The ancient Egyptians lying in the caskets shared a fascinating belief of the afterlife that, in a way, gave rise to cosmetic surgery.

They focused on promoting the experience of the dead individuals in the afterlife. Therefore, they carried out cosmetic enhancement surgeries on the dead bodies of their people. You can judge the brilliance of their techniques from the fact that they used advanced mummification methods to preserve the flesh before wrapping the body.

During the process, they took their time in enhancing the features and aesthetic appeal of the dead that will help their dear ones to be recognized in the afterlife.

2.  The First Breast Augmentation Wasn’t For Vanity

The first-ever breast augmentation surgery was not performed for aesthetic reasons. A German singer received the procedure after having a growth removed from her back. During the procedure, surgeons transplanted her breast.

3.  Breast Augmentation Has Set Its Eyes On The Top

Breast augmentation continues to be the most popular cosmetic procedure. Some of the common reasons clients receive it are to enlarge their breasts, restore symmetry to uneven breasts, and refill deflated breasts after pregnancy. It makes women look youthful and boost their confidence.

Moreover, silicone breast implants are more common than saline implants because of their tendency to give a more natural look. They are pre-filled implants and pose minimal to no risk if it ruptures.

4.  Teens Are Picking Up on The Trend

Earlier, only celebrities used to get cosmetic treatments. However, social media and selfies are fueling the trend of cosmetic surgeries among poeple. Surprisingly, teenagers are also embracing the facial and body contouring treatments to get an Instagram-perfect appearance.

The significant features that teens want to rectify are protruding ears, asymmetrical breasts, scarring, acne, deformed nose and extra fat.

5.  More Men Are Requesting Cosmetic Procedures

Men’s interests in cosmetic surgeries are blooming, and requests only continue to increase. Recently, plastic surgeons have been opening centers only for men. These clinics offer special care from surgeons especially trained in men’s treatments. 

Multiple procedures for men and women overlap. The details often diverge between genders dramatically. To illustrate, men and women both get rhinoplasty procedures. The technique is different from that used to produce a beautifully balanced feminine nose. 

6.  Lasers Are Doing More And More Work

Lasers have made cosmetic surgeries safer, faster and minimally invasive. In the old days, procedures required general anesthesia, hours in surgery and painful recoveries. Now, some only need local anesthesia. Surgeons carry them out in a few minutes due to the integration of laser therapy. They require minimal downtime, which is convenient for those who cannot take off from work.

7.  Eradicating The Mark Of Shame

In today’s modern world, the public receives cosmetic surgeries and treatments such as HydraFacial to remove blemishes or facelifts to eradicate the signs of aging. Their popularity is flourishing, but why?

The answer lies within the harsh reality of our social structure. People body shame you for having a birthmark or a visible defect which ultimately waves your self-esteem. There’s when cosmetic surgery comes as a celestial solution to you.

Likewise, Roman Empire soldiers were stuck in the whirlpool of battle scars. These scars were acknowledged as a sign of cowardice and shame in the Italian Peninsula. The scars indicated that soldiers bent their knees to the enemy or ran from the battlefield. As a result, soldiers underwent cosmetic surgeries to remove the marks of shame carved into their flesh by the enemy. It preserved their reputation and brought the badge of honor a step closer to them.

8.  40-54 Age Group Is Famous For Receiving Most Treatments

As astonishing as it may sound, the 40-54 age range accounts for roughly half of all cosmetic treatments. And it’s easy to see why. This age group is beginning to show signs of aging and is no longer bearing children. They may also be more financially secure, allowing them to afford reconstructive surgery. Many are also empty nesters who have finally found some time to devote to self-improvement.

9. More Than 90 per cent of Treatments Are Performed On Women

Not very surprising, but still worth mentioning. Women were the recipients of 92% of all cosmetic surgeries in 2020. Over 12 million of them were non-invasive, such as chemical peels, Botox, and laser hair removal. In contrast, men received only 8% of operations. The trends, however, are changing and now men are also jumping the bandwagon.

Final Thoughts

Cosmetic surgeries are gaining fame due to technological advancements. The procedures are becoming more sophisticated as well as non-invasive alternatives are available. If you are looking for excellent services, look no further.Contact the team of professionals at The Nova Clinic to receive brilliant results!