CoolSculpting: The Best Way to Contour Your Body without Surgery

While everyone talks about “body positivity” and how no one should be judged on the basis of their appearance, still overweight individuals are subjected to body-shaming. This impacts their self-esteem, and they become even more conscious of their appearance. Such people are prone to suffering from certain mental health issues such as anxiety and stress, which can affect their quality of life.

The obvious option for them is to have a fitness plan to shed those extra pounds. However, sometimes, the fat becomes unresponsive, and it refuses to budge. Earlier, the only option for people having such issues was to go under the knife i.e. get a surgical procedure. However, newer, better, and most importantly, non-invasive treatments are now available in the UAE that can help them get a more contoured look without getting surgery. CoolSculpting in Dubai is one such procedure that has gained immense popularity during recent years.

Suffice it to say, CoolSculpting, also popular by the name of fat freezing, has emerged out to be a great way to contour your body without undergoing a surgical procedure. Here’s all that you need to know about this treatment:

How Does It Work?

CoolSculpting is based on cryolipolysis. It is a process in which the freezing and thawing technique is used. In this fat freezing procedure, excess fat cells are destroyed. Over time, these cells die and are then excreted from the body in an organic way. CoolSculpting can help to reduce fat in these areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Chin Areas
  • Underneath the Buttocks
  • Bra and Back Fat

There is no preparation phase as the treatment is non-invasive, and it doesn’t require the patient to be sedated. However, an initial consultation session takes place between the patient and the doctor. On the scheduled day, the practitioner uses a hand-held device to freeze fat cells on the targeted area. During this process, the targeted fat cells lose their energy, and they die. Shortly after, they are excreted out of the body.

Once the process is complete, the specialist massages the treated site(s). This helps break the frozen fat cells that still remain beneath the skin.

Is it Safe?

CoolSculpting is considered a safe procedure as there are no side-effects involved. As only fat cells are targeted, no harm is caused to the surrounding cells. Furthermore, the patient doesn’t feel any pain or discomfort apart from a cooling sensation. However, some patients may feel pinching and pulling. Again, this is very mild and doesn’t cause a lot of discomfort.

Is CoolSculpting Worth it?

If you’re looking for a non-invasive fat reducing treatment with proven results, then CoolSculpting is certainly worth it. However, bear in mind that the results do not appear immediately. As fat cells are flushed out of the body in a gradual manner, the results of this procedure can take some time.

Apart from its ability to flush out fat cells from the body, here are some other factors that make this procedure completely worth your time and money:

  • It is a very convenient procedure for patients. All they have to do is to lie down, and the specialists will do the rest. During their session, they can read a book, watch a movie or even do their work.
  • In comparison to other body contouring procedures, CoolSculpting sessions do not take a lot of time. A single session of this procedure takes between 1-3 hours.
  • As the procedure requires not even a single incision, there’s no extensive recovery period. Patients are allowed to leave the facility after getting CoolSculpting and carry out their routine chores.

It is due to its abundant benefits that CoolSculpting has become quite popular in the UAE as well. You can now find many cosmetic and plastic surgery centers for CoolSculpting in Dubai. The Nova Clinic also offers this treatment. Our facility is fully equipped to offer non-invasive and effective treatments like CoolSculpting to those looking to get a more contoured body.

What Should You Know Before Getting CoolSculpting?

  • CoolSculpting should not be treated as a weight-loss method. It can work for you only if you are near your ideal weight. For example, you can only take 20% of the total fat in a targeted area in a single session. Therefore, it’s imperative that you work your way to the ideal weight and only resort to CoolSculpting when you’re looking to get a 20% reduction.
  • As explained above, in some cases, one may need more than a single session of CoolSculpting.
  • The results are not immediate. You will have to wait for about 2-4 weeks before they start appearing.
  • It is an FDA-approved procedure, and there are no major side effects. However, some people may suffer from redness, bruising, tenderness, cramping and skin sensitivity after getting this treatment. These side-effects usually subside over time. In case they do not, it is better to consult the specialist.

Based on all that’s discussed above, it is safe to say that CoolSculpting is the right procedure to undergo if you have stubborn fat in specific areas of your body. Schedule an appointment at The Nova Clinic now if you have any query or want more information about this procedure.