Coolsculpting: Fat-Freezing Treatment in Dubai


Get rid of stubborn fat through this effective and safe procedure that does not require surgical intervention.

Coolsculpting is an innovative procedure which delivers great results and is totally non-invasive. It is particularly popular with those who are looking to refine and sculpt their figures without having to go under the surgeon’s knife, allowing them to quickly return to their daily activities.

The procedure involves the localised freezing of fat cells. The clinician uses small applicators with vacuums attached, allowing them to suck the fatty tissues into an application cup, where they are frozen and crystalized. The fat cells are then removed from the body via the natural elimination process, so you can expect the overall effects to show a couple of weeks later.

CoolSculpting in Dubai at The Nova Clinic

Dubai is now recognized as one of the leading centers of cosmetic surgery in the world. The Nova Clinic is one of the leading providers of Coolsculpting Dubai. So, if you are considering this procedure, we can assure you of an excellent standard of care during every stage of the process from the initial consultation to aftercare.

There are many reasons our patients choose Coolsculpting in Dubai at Nova Clinic. These include:

  • To obtain a streamlined, more athletic silhouette
  • To remove unwanted fat
  • To smooth away lumps and bumps
  • To improve tone
  • To kick start a fitness regime
  • To gain a more youthful, healthy appearance
  • To get fast results without going under the knife


A superior version of the original CoolSculpting treatment, i.e. CoolSculpting Elite, is also available at Nova Clinic. It offers more effective results in a quick time. You can this treatment from Nova Clinic’s newly opened branch located at Nakheel Mall.

CoolSculpting Elite comes with many additional perks. It’s quick, more effective, and offers remarkable results.

What are the Differences Between CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite?

The premier Dubai CoolSculpting treatment has proven itself as a remarkable treatment. CoolSculpting Elite, which is an advanced (and better) version, is taking the legacy forward.

The major differences between both these fat-freezing treatments are:

  • CoolSculpting Elite has seven new improved and re-engineered applicators that differ from each other vis-à-vis shape and size.
  • These applicators now feature a C-shaped design for better results.
  • The new device can treat nine areas. These include below the buttocks, thighs, knee, belly, chin, jawline, love handles, armpits, and upper arms.
  • CoolSculpting Elite has an 18% bigger cooling pad than the original version. This helps it to deliver better results.
  • It allows two applicators to be used simultaneously. This makes the treatment time significantly shorter.

What To Expect During The Consultation?

Since both CoolSculpting & CoolSculpting Elite are non-surgical procedures, they do not require as thorough an examination as some of our more invasive treatments. However, your doctor will still perform a general health check. You will be asked about the look you want to achieve and you may also ask any question pertaining to the treatment you may have.

The procedure for both these treatments is quite similar. It begins with applying a cold pad to the treatment site(s). This helps to protect the skin. Next, an applicator is placed on the treatment site. CoolSculpting Elite comes with an added advantage here. If the patient wants to get more than one body part treated, two applicators can be placed at the same time.

Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

CoolSculpting has quickly become one of the world’s leading fat-reduction procedures. This procedure for fat freezing in Dubai removes fat from the body and helps the patient have a well-toned and shaped body. It is an FDA-approved procedure. The same can be said for CoolSculpting Elite.

Therefore, it is safe to say that CoolSculpting works, provided you are getting it from a reputable cosmetic surgery center in Dubai such as The Nova Clinic.

Is CoolSculpting worth it?

Yes, indeed it is. Both versions of CoolSculpting Dubai treatment make for a sure way to lose a couple of pounds in areas that are known to have stubborn fat. While the technology that these procedures use might seem untraditional, the results are remarkably commendable.

Is There a Weight Limit for CoolSculpting & CoolSlupting Elite?

While there’s no weight limit for patients who’re signing up for these treatments, there is a limit to the amount of weight a single session can freeze. Since drastically reducing fat from the body can put it in harm’s way, it’s best to go about fat removal patiently. To elaborate further, CoolSculpting can only take out 20% of the fats present in the target area. CoolSculpting Elite, on the other hand, offers more effective results.

Can I Get CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting Elite if I’m Overweight?

You can, but it’s recommended that you rely on diet and exercise to get near your ideal weight first. It’s crucial that you don’t consider fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting and CoolSculpting Elite in Dubai to be your primary sources of weight reduction.

These are only preferred and recommended once you get near the desired weight that you’ve set as your goal.

How Cold is CoolSculpting?

Although the mechanism of the equipment aims to freeze internal body fats, its effects on your body are harmless. It’s not exactly very cold. In fact, it’s just a sensation that doesn’t cause a lot of discomfort.

What Exactly is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat removal treatment that involves using equipment that comes with a handheld device. This device is used by the doctor and pointed at targeted areas of the body from which stubborn fat deposits are to be removed. When at the target area, the device freezes all the fat inside the area, causing it to be removed from the body and on its way through the digestive system to excrete.

With a huge success rate and millions to vouch for its amazing results, CoolSculpting in Dubai is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for body contouring out there.

Can I Go Back to Work After a CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting Elite Session?

Yes, you can. A CoolSculpting session can be over within half an hour depending upon the number of areas you want to target. CoolSculpting Elite is even quicker as two applicators can be used simultaneously. Since there is no downtime required, you can even continue working and engaging in physical exercise.

Do You Lose Weight When You Opt for CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting Elite?

While these treatments do remove fat and reduce your weight, CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting Elite shouldn’t be considered the primary way to lose weight. There’s a limit to the amount of fat that can and should be removed in each session.

Your first priority needs to be diet and exercise in order to get to at least 30% of your target weight. Once there, you might feel that diet and exercise are redundant against some specific fat deposits such as those present in our abdomen, neck, hips, thighs, etc. That is where procedures like CoolSculpting Elite in Dubai are ideal to help you attain the ideal weight.

What To Expect After The Procedure

You will probably experience redness and soreness at the site of the Coolsculpting for a day or two after the procedure, for which you may find pain relief helpful. The real magic of Coolsculpting happens afterwards, when the unwanted fat cells are removed naturally via the body’s elimination process.

You should be able to return to normal activities the day after your procedure but you may want to avoid very strenuous exercise for a couple of days. Loose clothing is advised to minimize tenderness in the targeted areas, but most people make a fast recovery following Coolsculpting and don’t experience any lasting effects- apart from a more streamlined, firmer and slimmer body!

The Nova Clinic now offers CoolSculpting Elite at its newly opened branch, located in the Nakheel Mall. Book your appointment now!

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