Facial Cosmetic Surgeries: It’s Time for Men to Join the Bandwagon

Women have closely been associated with the cosmetic and beauty industry for centuries. It comes with no surprise that it not only ceases to exist but continues to rise.

Needless to say, the trend of getting cosmetic surgeries isn’t going to slow down any time soon. Accumulating $532 billion in the beauty industry in 2021, the ever-escalating demand has swept and penetrated deep into the markets. It is expected to soar at a 4% – 7% compound annual growth rate, reaching $800 billion by 2025! Doesn’t that sound mind-blowing?

Cosmetic Surgeries – Consumer Insight

When talking about the cosmetic industry, why does our mind automatically swing in the direction of women alone? The pendulum has been shifting in this direction for so many years. However, ripple effects are advancing and making their mark too. In that, it has encapsulated men too!

Yes, for so many years, the beauty concerns have remained with women alone. During this time, men getting cosmetic surgeries was considered taboo. However, the trend is changing, the cards are showing up, and men have joined the cosmetic bandwagon too! 

According to statistics, 10% of the total cosmetic operations constitute men, and the numbers continue to increase. Statistics show that facial work for men includes eyelid surgery, brow lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and even breast reduction. The influx of male customers is continuously on the rise.

Facial Cosmetic Surgeries Popular Among Men

Men are taking long strides as they have embraced facial cosmetic procedures. Their goal of looking young and fit has become as important and enticing as it was for women. They are as vigilant and attracted towards gaining flawless skin as we have heard of women. 

With that sais, here is a look at some of the facial cosmetic surgeries men are getting::


Rhinoplasty, most popularly known as a nose job, is growing in popularity around the globe. This facial cosmetic surgery allows men to reshape their noses, thereby leading to an improvement in the look and functionality altogether. It also benefits the patients to help correct the structural defects in the nose and any association with breathing issues or a deviated septum.

It, nevertheless, remains a complex procedure and requires the assistance of an expert facial plastic surgeon. The treatment predominantly includes an initial consultation with an expert at The Nova Clinic to develop a nose job treatment plan, so the outcome remains perfectly aligned with the patient’s need.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgeries are excessively being used by aesthetic experts to correct the upper eyelids. With the help of an incision, the droopy and saggy skin is removed from the eyelid, thereby giving a fresh and youthful look to the patient. Although these loose skin patches seem harmless, they obstruct the sight and also make it aesthetically unpleasant to look at.

Compared to women, men naturally have heavier skin. With care and precaution, a small incision is made in the crease of the eyelid and eliminates the excess fat away. This incision closes and hides away in the natural folds of the skin.

The Eyelid Surgery treatment is tailored according to the individual’s aesthetic needs. Anesthesia, medication and precautionary measures help optimize and regulate the recovery process. As days pass by, discomfort and pain diminish, allowing the individual to resume their activities with care.


One of the most performed cosmetic surgeries, Facelift is also becoming popular with men. This comprehensive surgery aims at easing the visible signs of aging around the face and neck. In that, it tightens the saggy and loose skin to resonate a perfect look. All the deep creases, jowls, and double skin are eliminated. 

Men have varying options to pick from a range of treatment styles. Some people choose the full facelift treatment; others opt for mini facelifts aiming at specific areas only. Facial areas with scars, loose skin, deep lines are specifically treated. Since it requires incisions to be made, bleeding is common during the procedure. Compared to women, men tend to bleed more due to the anatomical differences between the two genders. Therefore, hairlines, beard areas, and areas behind the ear lobe are used for incisions; it reduces the visibility and gives speedy recovery.

Chins remain a big concern for men, as it tends to get fatty and loose. Undergoing a facelift surgery tends to correct and augment the look entirely. Also, compared to women, the muscles of men are stronger and thicker and require differing techniques. During the recovery process, one may feel bruising, redness, swelling, and slight discomfort. It generally takes some time to fully heal and get the true results of the facelift treatment.

Wrapping Up

Just like how the plastic surgery industry has evolved and changed the perception in all these years, so have the concerns regarding men opting for cosmetic surgeries. At a global level, we are witnessing the change as attitudes are shifting and becoming modernized. Is it a result of direct feminism or a mere realization? Whatever the case may be, hyper-masculinity is falling off the grid as they are becoming more stylish. Men are willingly moving towards facial cosmetic surgeries. That too, by seeking adequate consultation and improving their looks. It truly feels like the era of unapologetic male beauty is upon us, and rightly so. At The Nova Clinic, we can help men looking for ways to improve their looks and confidence through facial plastic surgeries. Book your appointment now!