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Dermapen Mesofacial in Dubai

Dermapen Mesotherapy is a revolutionary skin care treatment that stimulates the natural production of new cells and collagen, delivering excellent results without the need to go under the surgeon’s knife. Skin becomes firmer, smoother, more toned and hydrated, and the procedure also works well on cellulite, fine lines and scarring.

Nova Clinic is proud to be among the very best. We have been pioneers in a number of revolutionary new skin care treatments, including the Dermapen Mesofacial, which has now become one of our most sought-after procedures. So, if you are considering a Dermapen Mesofacial in Dubai, we can promise you exceptional care and attention from the moment you contact our friendly team of skincare specialists.

What is Dermapen Mesofacial?

The Dermapen Mesofacial uses micro-needling technology to stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production process. This incredible new technology penetrates the skin a hundred times a second, reaching the dermis and creating tiny micro-injuries, which the skin responds to with instant healing and collagen production.

This delivers an instant tightening and plumping effect, smoothing the skin and minimizing the look of wrinkles, uneven areas and dimpling. Although the treatment is referred to as a facial, the technology can also be used on other areas of the body, particularly those such as upper arms, buttocks and thighs, where cellulite is commonly present.

Benefits of Dermanpen Mesofacial

The benefits of the Dermapen Mesofacial include:

What to Expect During Your Consultation?

Before we begin any kind of skincare treatment here in our Dubai clinic, it is important that we understand your individual skin concerns.

Therefore, we start all Dermapen Mesofacial with a thorough analysis of your complexion, identifying key areas of concern and any sensitivities. We will also ask if you have any medical conditions we should be aware of, to ensure you are safe and comfortable throughout the entire process. During your consultation, the Dermapen Meso Facial Treatment will be explained to you in detail, and you will be able to ask any questions you may have before we begin.

What to Expect After Your Procedure?

The effects of Dermapen Mesofacial are immediate, so you should be able to see some results straight away. It is common for the skin to look red and/or freckly for a few hours after the procedure, but many people feel that this looks fresh and healthy rather than the obvious result of a facial procedure. You may see a firming expect straight away, but in the majority of cases, this will become more obvious over the following 48 hours.

What to Expect During Your Dermapen Mesofacial?

Before starting the treatment, our professional skin care expert will remove your make-up with a deep facial cleanser. We will then analyze your skin type and identify any areas of concern to ensure the treatment works for your individual complexion.

The Dermapen Mesofacial involves tiny punctures being made into your skin, into which a carefully chosen cocktail of skin care products will be applied. The micro-injuries will also encourage your skin to automatically heal itself, replacing lost collagen and elastin fibers to deliver an instantly tightening, firming effect.

This innovative treatment restores the look of the skin, repairing damage that has built up over the years.  It was created to work in harmony with the skin’s natural processes and is based on the human body’s natural reactions to injury and stimulation. Despite the scary idea of small injuries, the procedure is actually painless so you will not require any anesthetic or time off work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dermapen Mesofacial

Please find below some of the questions we are most frequently asked about the Dermapen Mesofacial treatment. If there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team of experts for information and advice.

How Does Dermapen Mesofacial Work?

The Dermapen Mesofacial combines state-of-the-art technology with carefully chosen skincare ingredients, working in harmony with the skin’s natural healing process.

What Skin Type Is It Suitable For?

The Dermapen Mesofacial can be used for all skin types and is suitable for a huge range of different skin conditions.

When Will I See the Results From Dermapen Mesofacial?

Immediately after the Dermapen Mesofacial, your skin should look firmer, brighter and more rejuvenated, but the most visible effects will come over the following two days.

How long does Dermapen Mesofacial take?

The procedure usually takes around an hour.

What Ages of People Can Get Dermapen Mesofacial?

The Dermapen Mesofacial is suitable for people of all ages.

How Long Do The Results of Dermapen Mesofacial Last?

This varies according to the individual patient and their particular skin care needs and will be discussed with you during your consultation and after the procedure.

Is it Painful?

No, this is not a painful procedure, but you may experience an unusual sensation as the microneedle pulsates across your skin. If you are particularly sensitive to pain we can apply a local anesthetic prior to the treatment.

Do I Have To Do Anything Afterwards?

We recommend following a daily skin health routine, such as applying SPF creams, cleansers and moisturizers. Your therapist will discuss this with you after your treatment so you know how to achieve optimal results at home. We will also recommend follow-up treatments here in our Dubai Clinic.

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