Summer Skincare: Here is How Seasonal Weather Affects Your Skin?

Skin is a celebration of soft confidence. However, it takes the first hit as it remains exposed to all calamities of the world. One of these calamities is the seasonal weather itself. As the day gets longer, the air becomes humid, and sun rays get harsher with each second, thus signifying summer’s arrival, your skin begins to show not-so-pleasant changes.

Impact of Summer Weather And Heat Waves On Skin

Skin likes consistency. And when the weather transitions to high temperatures, it is a shock to the system. Even a simple summer skincare routine, iced drinks, and brimmed large hats cannot subside the harsh outcomes of heatwaves on your skin. Let’s explore these adverse effects in detail:

1.      Dehydration

Summer is the culprit that increases body water loss, especially from your skin. As people sweat, they slowly lose moisture from their skin. As a result, skin becomes dehydrated, which monotonous summer skincare, void of moisturizing hyaluronic acid, cannot replenish. Let alone drinking tons of water cannot restore considerable skin moisture. Also, dehydrated skin feels itchy and dry, turning the skin tone dull and uneven.  

2.      Premature Aging Signs

Spending excess time bathing in the hot sun can distort the skin’s moisture barrier and diminish its elasticity. Consequently, premature aging signs begin to surface. Heat exposure can also reduce antioxidant levels and increase proteins that degrade collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis. It results in fine lines and drooping.

Fortunately, there are a variety of skin rejuvenation procedures available at The Nova Clinic that you can include in your upgraded summer skincare. It will help you regain your skin’s young appearance.

3.      Oily Skin

Heat can also increase the amount of oil produced by your skin. As your body begins to sweat to cool itself, these active sweat glands might stimulate your sebaceous glands to generate more oil. Those who already have oily skin will be affected considerably more than normal.

Excessive oil can block pores and cause acne. Therefore, wash your face regularly to help lessen the symptoms of oily skin. Toners and face masks in your summer skincare can also help to alleviate oily skin. However, certain cosmetic treatments that prove more effective are available to persons who suffer from congested pores and acne.

4.      Hyperpigmentation

Excessive heat exposure triggers hyperpigmentation. It directly impacts the skin and prompts blood vessels to dilate. In response, it triggers inflammation-causing melanocytes, which generate more pigment.

Topical creams can help but are not effective for severe cases. For long-term results, laser and skin rejuvenation treatments are even better. They trigger the body’s natural healing processes to encourage healthier-looking skin.

5.      Irritation and Rashes

Summer heat can also weaken the skin’s barrier function, stimulating skin irritation. Rashes are frequently painful and uncomfortable, and not to forget, they are mainly unattractive. Most rashes will go away on their own if you take precautions to avoid causing aggravation.

Moreover, certain lotions and creams can be included in summer skincare to alleviate the sensations. Suppose the itching is extreme or the rash region grows. In that case, we recommend seeing a skin care professional at the Nova Clinic to ensure that it is a heat rash and not another sort of skin problem, such as a skin infection.

How Can You Upgrade Your Summer Skincare For Improved Results?

Along with summer heat, the skin also suffers at the hand of dust and pollutants in a metropolitan city like Dubai. To counter these plights, you must upgrade your summer skincare routine by incorporating these skin rejuvenation treatments:

1.      HydraFacial

HydraFacial treatment offers a multi-function, non-invasive solution, delivering instant results. It detoxifies and hydrates the skin, reversing the signs of dehydration, premature aging, and other environmental effects.

This medical-grade hydro dermabrasion therapy consists of three steps: washing, exfoliation, and serum injection into the skin. It cleans and hydrates pores with the help of serums. Serums are anti-aging and antioxidant medicines that doctors may tailor to their patient’s specific needs. As a result, HydraFacial can be customized to each client’s unique skin type.

2.      AquaGold Facial

AquaGold facial is known as the “Red Carpet Treatment” since it is ideal for making you look your best. Hence, it is an ideal summer skincare solution. It involves microneedling action that activates the body’s healing factor, causing collagen formation and firming up the skin to reduce minor small lines and wrinkles around the face.

It also reduces the size of the pores on the face, especially in hard-to-reach locations like the nose. The minute punctures allows skin to absorb water more easily, avoiding dryness and giving your skin a healthy shine.

3.      INFINI Microneedling

If you are looking to include an effective, minimally invasive solution to your summer skincare routine, try INFINI Microneedling. This treatment combines the strengths of microneedling with a fractional laser. As a result, it efficiently smoothes out and improves the skin texture while tightening the pores and evening out the skin tone. It effortlessly repairs the sun damage, giving patients radiant and younger-looking skin.

4.      Stem Cells Infusion Infusion Therapy

Get a wrinkle-free and youthful skin with a stem cell facial. It is a non-surgical and minimally invasive procedure that can be a part of specialized summer skincare routine. It harnesses the usability of potent stem cells to regenerate skin cells. Stem cells boost collagen formation while improving blood flow throughout the body.

This facial infuses stem cells with dermapen microneedling. Vitamin C and E, cytokines extract, and hyaluronic acid get delivered to the skin with stem cells in a microneedling solution.

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It is high time to upgrade your summer skincare by incorporating advanced cosmetic treatments. These cosmetic procedures will assist in combating the adverse effects of sun and heat on your skin, giving more effective and sustainable results. So, book your appointment today at The Nova Clinic for an initial consultation as it will help the team provide more personalized service.