Broadband Light Treatment

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Broadband Light is the only treatment that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging, longevity, and increased lifespan.

BBL Facial in Dubai

Looking for an effective way to improve your skin tone, texture, and a more youthful complexion? Broadband Light Facial is the best choice for you. It’s a remarkable non-invasive procedure that can reduce visible signs of aging and sun damage while leaving behind clear and flawless skin in no time.

Nova Clinic in Dubai is at the forefront of offering advanced BBL Facial in Dubai, performed by skilled specialists in a state-of-the-art facility. With a focus on personalized care, we ensure that each patient receives a treatment plan tailored to their specific needs, ensuring optimal results and satisfaction.

What is Broadband Light Forever Young Facial?

Known as the best facial treatment for aging skin, Broadband Light can help you to get back the lost glow and sheen of your skin. It can make you feel more confident about your appearance. With regular sessions of this treatment, patients’ skin looks clear, smooth, and much younger.

Forever Young BBL offers a myriad of benefits, including:

How Does It Work?

One of the most promising LED light therapy treatments, Broadband Light Facial treatment uses intense pulsed light to make your skin look more vibrant and youthful. The broadband light energy is not only extremely effective in eliminating brown sun and age spots but it has also been shown to alter cellular DNA associated with aging.

The result is a more youthful appearance and glow to your skin. This intense pulsed light therapy is also effective in treating moles, skin abnormalities, acne and rosacea. It is non-invasive and often requires no downtime. Although the face is the most commonly treated area, the treatment can also be performed for the chest, back, arms, and hands.

What Makes BBL Facial Special?

There is exciting new research that shows that repetitive treatment using Broadband Light Facial treatment positively influences aging cellular DNA. Studies have shown that DNA ages as we get older.

New research that visually compares young DNA to older DNA shows that repetitive treatment of the skin of older patients using the skin treatment causes the older DNA to revert to a more youthful form. When these patients were examined in person, these patients had healthier, thicker, flawless skin. For optimal results, it is recommended to get a broadband light skin treatment package of 3 to 4 sessions per year.

Most patients can expect at least a 50% improvement with each treatment. Severe sun damage may therefore require multiple treatments. Since there is no recuperation time, patients return to work and normal activities on the same day. The dark spots flake off over the next 7-10 days.

What to Expect Before Getting Broadband Light Treatment?

Before undergoing BBL treatment, you will have a consultation with a skin specialist to discuss your goals, evaluate your skin condition, and develop a personalized treatment plan. You may be advised to avoid direct sun exposure, tanning beds, and certain skincare products for a period before the treatment to ensure the best results.

What to Expect During Broadband Light Treatment?

During the treatment, you will wear protective eyewear. A cooling gel is applied to the treatment area, and the BBL device is moved across your skin, emitting light pulses. The treatment is relatively painless, with most patients experiencing a slight warming sensation. Treatment times vary depending on the area being treated but typically last about 30 minutes.

What to Expect After Broadband Light Treatment?

Post-treatment, you may notice redness and slight swelling, similar to a mild sunburn, which should subside within a few hours to a couple of days. Most patients can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment. It’s crucial to follow post-care instructions, including using sunscreen and avoiding direct sun exposure.

Are There Any Side Effects of Broadband Light Treatment?

Side effects from BBL are generally mild and temporary. They can include redness, swelling, and slight bruising. More serious side effects are rare but can be minimized by choosing an experienced provider like Nova Clinic.

What is the Cost of BBL Facial Treatment in Dubai?

The cost of BBL Facial in Dubai depends on the number of area(s) to be treated and various other factors. Your doctor, at Nova Clinic, will guide you about the total cost during the consultation session.

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