Dr. Saima Anwar

Dr. Saima Anwar

General Practitioner

Dr. Saima Anwar an inspiring general practitioner with a flair for Aesthetic.

With a wealth of experience of more than 20 years in her field, Dr. Anwar accumulated her experience, knowledge and skills by working in various continents around the world over the years. This exposure to people with different ethnicities, diverse backgrounds, general practitioner, and genetic differences has helped her better understand the variations between skin types of people from different ethnicities and hence able to provide better and more customised care to her clients.

Her journey in this field started soon after graduating from med school. Since then she’s worked in some of the best institutes in North America, South East Asia, Uk, and finally Middle East.

Dr. Saima still continues to be a fully licenced practitioner in the UK since completion of her masters from St. John’s institute, one of the most prestigious institutes in the field. She completed her Thesis on ‘Biologics in psoriasis’ also from St. John’s institute, was well received and acknowledged by her peers. During her time in UK she also had the opportunity to train at Guys and St. Thomas hospital London with some of the most renowned names.


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