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Morpheus 8 Treatment in Dubai

As we age, our skin starts developing signs of aging. Elastin and collagen production is also reduced, resulting in the loss of radiance and youthfulness of the skin. With Morpheus 8 Pro treatment, these issues can be tackled effectively. It is a revolutionary treatment design to treat sagging skin and make it look more smooth and vibrant. One can get this treatment on the face, neck, and body.

Nova Clinic offers the Morpheus 8 Pro treatment in Dubai, performed by our highly professional, trained, and experienced doctors. By using Morpheus 8 applicator, we treat signs of aging and help our patients flaunt youthful and clear skin with an improved glow.

What is Morpheus 8 Pro Treatment?

Morpheus 8 Pro is an innovative anti-aging treatment that will leave you with spotless and youthful skin. It helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and other prominent signs of aging, while boosting the quality and volume of collagen.

An advanced version of Morpheus 8, it combines radiofrequency and microneedling techniques to deliver exceptional results. You should get Morpheus 8 Treatment as it:

Who is it for?

Morpheus 8 Pro works for any skin type as it features a combination of micro-needling and RF energy. Therefore, it is generally considered a safe procedure for anyone who enjoys good health and has realistic expectations from this treatment. It is, however, not recommended for pregnant women to get this treatment. Similarly, those who suffer from Simplex, Herpes, and other skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, sores, and rash, should avoid this treatment. If you have recently gotten certain anti-aging injections or tanned skin, you may not be the ideal candidate for Morpheus 8 Pro treatment.

Why Should You Get Morpheus 8 Pro Treatment?

If you want to get the lost glow and sheen of your skin, Morpheus 8 pro is the ideal treatment for you. It offers abundant benefits. These include:

What are the Results of Morpheus 8 Pro Treatment?

After getting Morpheus 8 Pro treatment, you can expect to have clear and youthful skin. The results, however, will take a few days to appear. They continue to improve with the passage of time as the collagen builds up in the skin. The final outcome is revitalized and refreshed skin with improved skin texture. It also makes the skin look firm and smooth with no visible signs of aging.

What Is The Morpheus 8 Dubai Cost?

The cost of Morpheus 8 treatment in Dubai depends on many factors, including the skin condition, the number of sessions required, and the expertise and experience of the doctor. You can ask your doctor for the total cost of this treatment during your initial consultation at the Nova Clinic.

Is Morpheus 8 Pro Treatment Worth It?

Absolutely it is! The wealth of benefits it offers, right from tackling signs of aging to improving skin’s elasticity, makes Morpheus 8 Pro a must-have treatment. Since it is FDA-approved, you can safely get it without worrying about suffering from health implications and side effects. Having said that, you must discuss your medical history with the doctor to ensure you’re the right candidate for Morpheus 8 Pro treatment.

How Does Morpheus 8 Pro Treatment Work?

Morpheus 8 Pro treatment delivers radiofrequency energy with the help of micro-needling.  It produces effective results by targeting subcutaneous fat and cellulite. It boosts collagen production along with generating improved tissue support and remodelling elastic fibers, without causing any harm to the skin’s surface.

The Morpheus 8 applicator is positioned against the target areas to develop microchannels that stimulate the skin’s recovery process. These microchannels, developed with the help of the micro-needling technique, support the appearance of tighter and firmer skin. The patient may feel flight prickling or warmth during the procedure. However, the device features ingenious technology that regulates the heat and makes it safe for the patient.

How Many Sessions Of Morpheus 8 Pro Treatments Are Required?

The doctor will customize the treatment plan based on your skin condition and the results you want to achieve from this treatment. Usually, 1 to 3 sessions are required for optimal results.

Is Morpheus 8 Pro Treatment Painful?

The treatment itself is not painful as the doctor applies anesthesia or numbing cream prior to starting the procedure. However, the patient may feel slight sensations during the treatment.

What is the Downtime Associated with Morpheus 8 Pro Treatment?

Morpheus 8 Pro is a non-surgical treatment. Therefore, it doesn’t require extensive downtime. Your skin may look pinkish or shiny for up to five days post-treatment. This is a normal occurrence and doesn’t cause any discomfort. So, you can continue your routine activities. It is recommended to not apply makeup for at least 2 days. Also, the patient is recommended to use an SPF 30 broad-spectrum UVA/UVC sunscreen after 24 hours of the treatment.

Jessica Lisnyj

This procedure is headed by Jessica Lisnyj, head therapist at Nova Clinic.

Jessica has 10 years of experience in the beauty and medical industry and 6 years of experience as a skin care specialist and trainer. She has completed multiple beauty and aesthetic training worldwide and achieved a degree in beauty aesthetics and laser.

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