Zeina Soueidan

Zeina is a registered Dietician Nutritionist & a certified health coach. She completed her BS at AUB, Lebanon & Master’s in Dietetics and Nutrition at FSU, USA. She’s been working in the nutrition field for more than 15 years. She stays up to date in nutrition knowledge & wellness news by attending seminars, conferences, and self study courses. Zeina’s approach to health is a holistic one, where she guides you to reach your optimal nutrition status by balancing all components of emotional, mental, social and physical wellbeing.

List of treatments by Zeina Soueidan:
1.  Clinical and Holistic nutrition
2.  Health coaching
3.  Diagnostic testing and supplementation recommendation
4.  Menu creation and meal planning
5.  Recipe development
6.  Sports nutrition recommendation
7.  Treatments recommendations
8.  Corporate wellness programs
9.  Weight management
10. Disease management

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